Welcome to My IT Monitoring. We sell sanity to residential customers who just want their technology to work for them. We understand that the technology world resembles the “Wild West” and we help protect you from all of the bad stuff out there these days. We don’t just set up your technology and forget about you. We actively protect your systems from hackers, malware, and data loss. For one low price every month, you can rest easy knowing that somebody is keeping an eye on the backups and security of your computers. Here’s a brief rundown of the service and what is included:

  1. We monitor your computers to make sure they are running smoothly. Some of the items we monitor are: Hard drive capacity, backups, hard drive failures, memory issues, and malware.
  2. We notify you when we find something. If your backups aren’t working properly, or your computer starts developing problems, we let you know! We offer complimentary email support with our service, and the ability to easily remote into your computers, if you invite us for a low fee.
  3. We take action upon what we discover when monitoring. If we find that your hard drive is starting to have problems, we try and fix it with software. If it can’t be fixed with software, we assist you in getting it repaired.

My IT Monitoring is super inexpensive. The more computers you enroll, the lower the per computer price. To get started please fill out the form below and within 24 hours we will contact you with how to get your computers enrolled.